Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Why the Art Director is so important? no really why?

Till now i never thought about this! For some reason i always assumed that everything always just fell into place and worked but i suppose its not the case as ideas can wonder and not fit in with the general style of the game, i guess this is where the art director comes in.

Art Directors are in charge of making sure the visual essence of a game and artistic vision is maintained during the development process. They oversee the project from its design document all the way through production till release when im sure there is much relief.

They Work very closely with the Art Manager to ensure consistancy in the style and feel of the game this even stretchs to the interactivity of the game.

The job of Art Director does not necessarily have to be creative though seeing as the job would be taken up by an expierenced artist anyways that would probably come standard.

Its a well known fact that games and films are becoming very similar in the sence of structure and even production times but on a artistic level in game cut scenes and story lines are becoming very similar to that of films and more and more art directors are having to follow similar development methods.

The role of Art director seems no walk in the park and really requires years of artistic experience and the ability to know what will work and what will not while at the same time thinking from the perspective of the consumer. So overall a very demanding job with the need for good, motivation, innovation and communication skills.

With me personally the skills i would need to develop are my motivation in which for an artist in general is a key componant and something i will be sure to work on not sure if the job would be good for me though if i was a chess piece i would definatly be a pawn.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Let me tell you a Joke... Video game reviews!!!

Right im on my lunch break at work so i decided to continue my blogging though after reading a couple of the reviews i seriously wish i hadnt neithertheless admittedly they where intriging (especially the second XD).

The first one was on Metal Gear Solid 2 and the guys love for the game but to be honest he said metal gear solid 2 confused him well his review on it confused me more than that game ever has.

You know what actually im going to skip to the second and re read the metal gear solid for a third time!

Right the second was the Rez one and needless to say it turned an inspiring music shooter game into an erotic tale of one womans love for the game, well i say the game i mean more the vibration device that comes with it. Suffice to say alot of blokes probably had to cross their legs by the end of this but if you get past all the sexual nonsence it makes a good point about game reviewing in modern times.

So whats this point you ask? well its simple game reviewing is becoming more personal and less about the games themselves! People are using there experiences while playing the games to review as opposed to old fashion methods which tell you whats in the game and why its good because it has this and that feature. These experiences go right down to to even what they are feeling at the time for example the metal gear solid reviewer felt confused and bewildered which are both mental where as the other one i need not go into details but it was all physical.
But these are not commercial reviewers and although less about the look and gameplay they give an actual sence of what the game is like without the dull details in other words its clear whether its fun or not.

On to the commercial issues with professional game journalists and there is quite alot of them. The obvious problem is lack of staff which of course puts alot of pressure on other employees as they are often under strict deadlines that bump the pressure up even higher and to make it worse they know once one magazine is finished its straight back to the pain of the next issue so its no wonder they rush and cut corners.

Its this pressure that really shows the difference between the user made ones above and the professional writing, because its rushed it lacks any feeling and is based on a generic template which is what really gives the impression that the journalists are lazy and stupid in which they probably arnt.

The objective ranking system well personally i think its phish ive played games before that have been at the bottom half of the list and found them fantastic but it brings us right back to the feeling of the games which is not something the objective style of writing take account for its all graphics and gameplay so the real message gets lost.

All in all SUBJECTIVITY FOR THE WIN!! its more interesting to read and really makes you want to buy the game more or naturally in some cases less but either way most of these people dont get paid for thier opinion of these games except for those on the likes of 'gamespot.com' yet they still do it and thank god otherwise we would all be subjected to continuous nonsence you see in mainstream magazines..

oh yeh and ive re-read the metal gear one and still dont fully understand it but you know it doesnt matter really becuase i know the guy felt passionally about the story and the game in general.

As for my style of writing ill let you decide that thouugh i think its fairly obvious...