Monday, 29 March 2010

Another year another rant

Well it's creeping up closer and closer that dreaded time of year again when everyones blood boils from pressure due to one of the worst human conditions, of course what I am talking about is stress.
It's a fail or succeed world that we pitifully exist on and only those with the passion and drive to better themselves constantly will succeed in it.
There are those who take the ice road where few will make it across to the green grass while the others drown in their sorrows wishing they had done something with their pathetic lives.

I realised that I was one of those on ice blissfully unaware of how thin it really was! I decided that's not the route for me. So ask yourself is it really the route for you? If so you'll need this number when the ice cracks 020 8700 7007... Wow what a rant