Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Moan of the week... the Nintendo DSi XL!!!


Wow Nintendo welldone for just pissing off every DSi owner out there! Im pretty sure the scene is pretty similar to that of telling the chub club the annual all you can eat buffet is cancelled.. Yup as they did with several of the gameboy models Nintendo have gone and released a new model of their current DS range. Its completely the same as the old only with a bigger screen. Nintendo really should plan earlier i know think ill wait a good three months before buying anything from Nintendo.. Stupid Nintendo now my friend is stuck squinting because of you barstools granted hes chinese (no offence tom) but still thats no excuse...

On the plus side the screen size does make the DS more desirable still wish they would upgrade the hardware though..

The Nintendo DSi XL is out on 5th March in Europe and probably will be closely followed by DSi XXL in June!

nintendo usage count = 6

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

To 3D or not 3D that is the question??? (contains mild passionate swearing)

Do you really want to look like this guy the last chicken in the shop?

So they are all saying that 3D TV is the next big thing, there’s always some next big thing.. Why isn’t there any next small or medium things? mehh is the answer because it simply has to be. personally i don’t think 3DTV will save the television and its only a matter of time before some weirdo that exceeds my own wierdness and has some musical talent besides the armpit bagpipes or the butt trumpet to come along and make some stupid song like “PC killed the Television lolz”.

I mean maybe its just me but just from my cinema experience’s with 3d i cannot personally stand wearing those stupid glasses that make everything dark and do fuck all if you have the light on or even off sometimes. Not to mention anything short of 20/20 vision renders these things useless and sure you can get glasses that fit over glasses but ive seen people in the cinema wear them and they look such twats!To the degree you may as well stick a pipe in their mouth and called them Gerald (i don’t see the connection either but go along with it) so wearing contacts is the only way out of that fiasco. Now if they somehow develop a way of getting the same effect without putting on those glasses then ill be impressed but for now all they are doing is putting leeches on a dieing peasant. Stupid Victorians

Further thought how many glasses for these TVs are you expected to own? Just in case any of your chav/redneck/gypsy mates 8 kids want to watch something. I’m afraid you sir will have to settle for blurred TV or send the little shits home via use of slingshot! I know what id choose.

“little shits always coming round h….. ” Stupid inner monologue