Thursday, 29 April 2010

Summary for the year now lets go grab a beer :)

Yup this is it the end of the year.. well almost!
Its the end of assessments for this uni year and i cant help but feel happy at the progress i have made this year. Yes my work may not be in huge quantity's but theres no denying there has been an improvement especially in visual design.

I have started to enjoy visual design this year especially when it comes to life drawing and location drawing and I'm hoping this will carry on over the summer and into next year when hopefully i will have advanced even further in what is by far my weakest subject.

Well the group project I'm very happy with the results that were produced we all worked extremely hard on the level that was on a very very ambitious scale. Its not been easy for anyone I'm lucky i have experience with game engines which gave me a small advantage, but everyone else in my group had never seen their models in a real 3d game environment and with me being techy this made everything for me that bit more interesting as i put in aspects of what i have learned in the past into this project.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with the people i did as i cant knock the dedication that was given. Without it this project would not have succeeded further more i was quite glad we were all thinking on the same wavelength its a key skill to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

I really must say that Unreal is much easier to work with than the Renderware engine it is one fantastic piece of kit indeed.This experience has given me a much deeper insight to how engines function and has given me a much clearer vision as to how generous i can be with my triangle counts. It also took me back to the basics and polished off those skills such as simple things like pivot points and organising work in a nice clean manor.

I guess the big question is would i work in a group again next year.. and i have to say yes i would!