Friday, 6 November 2009

Lay down on the couch please! oops wrong one..

Hello peoples so this is my first blog of the new uni year and already finding it very difficult to find topics to discuss or perhaps its my general fear of text ahhhhhhh i can see it now cant you?..
Any who this first blog is about why i chose the artist and masterpiece i replicated rather poorly i might add.

I have never really been bothered to study artists work its always been if i see a piece i like then ill appreciate it but it wouldnt make me want to go hmm i wonder what else this artist has done and also what his background was. So from that mentality i have never really known many artists by name except for of course the obvious ones which even then i tend to get mixed up though i have never quite got Leonardo da Vinci and leonardo dicaprio mixed up like my friend managed to in school *epic failure*.

There are a few names that i did know of though mostly because of my college days and the one that popped up and seemed to register in my mind was Lucian Freud. Im sure i managed to get him mixed up with bizzarely incestrial professor named Sigmund Freud a few times back then but now recently i have taken more notice of his work and its a name that unlike others seems to have been etched into my head.

The piece i chose ' Naked young girl' hard not to sound perverted with that but it was the first image i saw in college in what was during a brief spell of traditional art lessons. At the time i thought the level of detail was great and it never really went much further than that, but now when in mikes lecture a few weeks ago when one of his pieces came up i realised this was one of many fanstastic pieces of work at such a high level of detail and attention. For the first time i started paying attention to how he portrayed the contours in the face and brought as much shape and depth as possible forward.

So this lead me back to that picture i saw in college (clever way round saying the title there) and before i never would have dreamed about attempting to reproduce this fantastic piece of art but thats what made it interesting as it was something i never thought i could do. Naturally i know my final piece isnt no where near on the same par as the original but its something that has spurred me on to make me follow his example and try to get the most detail possible out of a painting by focusing on the finer details and contours and this applys to all types of paintings not just portraits.

I learnt alot from doing this and i think during the christmas break i may just attempt to replicate another of his works or perhaps try using the style in a self portrait.
Well anyways thanks for taking time to read this laters people!