Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Arg why not Clegg or even Brown again... Sure brown looked like a half melted candle but he knew his stuff and the better choice over this toff any day.

Well i think the picture pretty much speaks for itself really on where i stand in this election business my only regret is leaving it this late to bitch about it. Right so where to start, ok first thing is all you people with brains the size of a small rotten peach you are all fools for voting for this man. Right first part over. Second part has everyone here in the UK that desperate or has the Tory's developed some magical device that makes everyone forget about the crap this country went through during the 80's and 90's because of this bunch of blue morons?

Those believing that they can turn this country round you are all so misinformed the Conservatives will suck all the lower classes dry in an anti robin hood manor. An example Ive been throwing about is this mansion tax that the Tory's are lowering yet they are getting rid of valuable child tax credits which many working mums on low pay rely on it. He wants to cut back police and the fire service as well as the NHS.. how on earth can this benefit us especially where crimes concerned as its at an all time low. its daylight robbery from the poorer communities in this country.

Another bitch is those silly live debates.. for god sake please bring it down to just one of them the people in this country have attention spans that cant be measured by and form of clock in existence. Further more it was more a competition of who was the best lier and its quite obvious who came out top trump in the voters eyes.

I'm hoping that Lib Dem's will be the ying to their yang and balance things out however overall i do predict a fail and cant see this lasting long which will probably lead to another election but meh its win win either Cameron will hang himself or he will turn out to be the best prime minister ever.. i think i know which one it will most likely be and I'm happy to watch the political game of hangman unfold :)

Ooo one last thing all those people who moaned about the fact that eastenders was cancelled because of the news get your prioritys right!! Its probably people like you that and got us into this mess! it gets me so mad im gonna stop now before i go into a frenzy oh but this isnt the last of this!!!