Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Moan of the week... the Nintendo DSi XL!!!


Wow Nintendo welldone for just pissing off every DSi owner out there! Im pretty sure the scene is pretty similar to that of telling the chub club the annual all you can eat buffet is cancelled.. Yup as they did with several of the gameboy models Nintendo have gone and released a new model of their current DS range. Its completely the same as the old only with a bigger screen. Nintendo really should plan earlier i know think ill wait a good three months before buying anything from Nintendo.. Stupid Nintendo now my friend is stuck squinting because of you barstools granted hes chinese (no offence tom) but still thats no excuse...

On the plus side the screen size does make the DS more desirable still wish they would upgrade the hardware though..

The Nintendo DSi XL is out on 5th March in Europe and probably will be closely followed by DSi XXL in June!

nintendo usage count = 6

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