Friday, 3 December 2010

First Blog of Third Year...

Right so first blog of the year and better late than never..

So i don't know how people are managing so far but I personally think this third year is harder for time than the second year was. Annoyingly this is my own time keeping fail and it seems no sleep is the only answer to my problem.

I must say though the highlight of the year so far has been this guruing experience. Not only does this benefit the first years by giving them knowledge we have gained and from a different point of view than Heathers, but it also gives a nice amount of tutoring experience to us as well. On top of all the it also gives the lecturers a better idea of who's got the passion to proceed onwards to year 2.

As I'm sure most of you have seen it's fairly predictable by now who won't be coming back next year from year 1 these are the students who no matter how much you try to help them either they wont truly embrace it or dismiss the fact they need help to begin with when clearly there work suggests otherwise.

This is a great insight into Heather, Chris's and mikes constant yearly battles to get the best out of the students. From this I feel I have grown rather (not by much but enough) as it has made me take a major look at myself and increased my confidence in my own abilities.

So, looking forward to the rest of my final year and though it won't be easy with what I guess is a rather ambitious project it still will be interesting, stressful and hopefully on the rare occasion enjoyable haha.

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Michael Powell said...

Interesting. However hard you try, some people just won;t get involved. Sad but true. Glad the guruing scheme was useful to you.