Friday, 18 February 2011

Final Major Pain in the.....

I never expected the final major to be an easy project it would have be silly of me to make such presumptions i do feel though maybe i underestimated the scale of job i have given myself. The more and more i look at the photos i have gathered, the more assets i find and id love to do them all but sadly this seems less and less likely. The reason is mostly due to my own personal time constrictions, i believe if i wasn't working then i would have been much further ahead by now in this project as in principle this should be a breeze.. Anyone who ever thinks lecturers in colleges or universities sit on their asses all day telling students what to do is sadly mistake after the month I've had believe me when i say its seriously bloody difficult..

So what have i done so far? well I've been mostly working on big assets and trying to pad the level out but i have made probably 20% of the small assets as well. Many require textures but the ones that are untextured are left that way because i am waiting to take photos of the originals in the war museum to use for textures. Much like the rooftop project i am again adopting the attitude of only using effects where neccessary to bring the level to life, in contrast to others who use them merely to cover up poor work.At first i was really looking forward to this project but i feel now the excitement is slowly dindling away as pressure is put on, naturally this is a tough titties scenario as that is how the real world works. I am hoping that the flame is reignited next week when i visit and i actually get behind the glass screen to get up close the historical pieces in fact i am getting pretty excited thinking about it so im sure that will work.

Im not going to go on to much more about my FMP for now as i dont want to share my ideas with others but hopefully if all goes to plan ill have a nice piece to add to my portfolio by the end of it ^_^.

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