Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Game Industry?? meh its doing alright...

Probably one of the fastest growing industry's in the world and still snubbed as a lazy profession by most ( from my experience it is mostly plumbers who have this view i say this because Ive been told it by 3 different ones now... it cant be a coincidence). Even in this Global economical meltdown although slightly effected by down turn in sales from costumers moth filled wallets in which has resulted in several companies with to much ambition and very little budget to cease to exist. Other than that the games industry is virtually unscathed and continues to grow at an alarming rate.

After talking to a few of my friends/colleagues who work in the industry or at least did work for many years in the industry, they all seem to give similar responses tho granted it depends on their job but the universal answer always boiled down to pressure. When working to a tight budget and/or deadline naturally the pressure is on to be fast and still maintain a professional level of efficiency in the work that is produced. I know at least some of the bigger company's hire in house councillors which straight away to me says that plumbers really need to read this.

I guess the big question is what are the implications of the meltdown on the future of the games industry and to be honest if anything i think it will create a boom as new companies will pop up and of course this will also bring new creative idea for games.

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