Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Gameplay?? Ahhhh blasphemy

Yes Yes before i even start this i would like to say i use this word and do accept it as a valid term to describe the overall quality of a game so even tho im going to possibly moan about it i do use it.

Ok then, well i guess ill start with what is gameplay. Gameplay is a made up term stringing the words game and play together, that is the obvious observation and even more obvious is what it is used to describe... Well for some my mother thought it was a new way of saying i want to play a game, which i suppose makes sense.

The definition of gameplay is kinda sketchy really but overal very similar and to help me get this across i will be qouting from two sources which are the following..

Normally i would dismiss most information on wiki but to be fair i think the definition and information provided on there is a good representation of what it is. Game play is used to describe the story quality,graphics,sound,features and replay value and in my mind shows the word really is just a use for lazy game reviewers as mentioned in another blog a while back.

Either way it provides the information neccessary for gamers to decide whether they would like the game or not but the term is used more widely and has been accepted and is now used by game companys which brings me to the gamesutra link. The link if you havent read it already is a interview with Peter Molyneux, one of the lead developers on the Fable series. He achknowledges the word gameplay and in his reply to the questions he tells not only of its importance but the increasing demand for more of it to enhance the gaming experience.

Gameplay is something that can be perfected with perfect planning and excellent storyline and graphics but of course this also requires time and gamers are notoriously impatient when it comes to release dates. So no gameplay is not just a random load of graphics and other bit mashed together. It takes planning and concideration of what the customer wants and the best way to fit it together seamlessly.

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