Monday, 6 October 2008

About Me

Ah the good old about me section, were people drivel on about themselves and there ambitions and funny enough i am about to do exactly the same woo!

Well first things first, my name is Mark im 19 years old though twenteen very soon (yes the fear of no longer being a teenager does scare me slightly).

There is no doubt that i am a game fanatic and this is mostly given away in my choices of tshirts and the magnet i think gamestation planted in my head when i was a baby so that i get sucked in like a tractor beam everytime i walk past one (the urge to spend then normally follows). Suffice to say i have been a religious gamer since i was quite young and have always critisized game content quality long before i even thought about the prospect of it being a career.

So how did it become a career choice? well it all happened by accident actually since my first job choice was to be an architect so naturally i took graphic design as a GCSE option and it was in this that my friend introduced me to my first taste of 3d modelling... at least in its more basic form. The program was called Pro Desktop and to be honest it was rubbish but at the time it seemed fantastic and i caught onto it fast, so fast my knowledge exceeded the teachers after just 3 weeks and following this i made the model out of card and such which i must say i was proud of :).

The model and the 3d designs were entered into the rotery awards and pitted against the top schools in the county. Funny enough our school didnt win any of the catagorys until the last one for cad/cam in which my name was announced unaware seeing as i was actually asleep up until the point i was nudged frantically by my friend next to me who seemed more startled than me.

Any ways the sponsor of the prize was City College Coventry and i was invited for a tour of one of the colleges and at the end was asked if there was any courses i was interested in... This next bit is wierd because i knew i wanted to be an architect but instead i said games design and i have no idea why but i got on the course and my first taste of how games were made.

Very quickly i latched onto 3d Studio Max, very much in the same way i did Pro Desktop and my first proper model was the tardis which can be found at this address.
As well as this on that site are pretty much all my early models and also my more newer maya models.

But this became a passion and a strange one because although i lack skills in the drawing area i never have a problem with modelling straight from my head. I also branched off and did a bit of flash work including learning actionscript enough to create my own games, when i mention flash most people in the industry shrug there shoulders but i hold a firm belief that its the future of gaming :P and to prove just how entertaining it can be heres a link to a flash version of portal which entertained me quite alot.

Right enough of that to the task!!!

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