Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Gaming waming History!! part 1.5

This is the second part of my gaming history and ill start this part by talking about the first game i played and how it sparked my desire to play games. So the first game i played was around my friends house when i was about 4 or 5 years old i remember playing on the original Nes on the original Super Mario and thinking my god this is crap! but that was a good thing because right from that age i was a major critic of games even though it ended up with a smack on the head from my friend who was mad that i had just said his birthday present was rubbish though to be fair duck hunt was fun.

The problem i found with Mario at the time was it didn’t have any colours and i just didn’t like the fact it was so boring to look at however the Snes version was perfect. But i think the gameplay is why i gave it all a chance it may have been rubbish to look at but it was fun to play.

After that i wanted a Nintendo (not a games console i was only 4 or 5 remember as far i was concerned it was a magic game box)and that christmas i got my Snes.

The latest game i have played is Rock Band which takes peripherals to a whole new level providing a whole load of instruments to play your music in arcade fashion and what could be be a more enjoyable way to hear your music than getting interactive with it and playing along. Its great for partys and serveral times now i have hosted lan partys where Rock Band has been the centre of attention but like anything the novalty does wear off fairly fast.

Hmm all the games i played between this there were very few once again i find worth mentioning but what has kept me going in games is fun and different titles that dont conform to other games because of the genre they fall into. Games like Conkers: Bad Fur Day and Lego Star Wars are games that have kept me interested in games full stop though i am partial to a good FPS like Halo overall they tended to bore me so it was these very few games like these three that kept me loving games.

This was short and sweet but yes sorry for wasting 2 minutes of your life which you cannot have back XD...

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