Friday, 17 October 2008

My Gaming waming History!! part 2 the future!

Ahhhh fingers hurt from so much typing never mind though right to the point because im really tired and modelling with clay is tedious.

My demands in what i want from games are fairly small in number but big in demand! As with any gamer the constant push for better graphics is always going to be one of them but it isnt my main need in a game, in fact the thing i want most is huge online battles... It has been a dream of mine for the last few years now to see a game that gives you this ability and im not just talking about 15 per team like on Halo! Im talking about 1000 per team in one huge online blood fest.

I know im not alone in this and i also know its not down to the developers so much its more down to finding servers and a efficent system that can handle that many players and the constantly changing data.

Id play them the old fashion way although with Nintendos rather interactive view of the future i still think virtual reality in the home would be a far to ambitious vision for anytime soon but i dont think its to much to ask for to have a team fortress type game but just with huge numbers i just love the idea of full scale war online, hell who knows maybe even one day they'll abandon this stupid waste of life we call modern warfare and decide wars and arguements with a good fight online with no loss of life (well its an idea anyways).

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