Thursday, 16 October 2008

My Gaming waming History!! part 1

Hmmm to be honest my gaming history is not very spectacular however it is my religion (much to the disappointment of my catholic mother and the amusement of my protestant father XD).

My love for games started when i got my first console the Super Nintendo which at the time was only a year old and cost an absolutely bomb as quoted by my parents! i remember my first game i ever played was Super Mario on the original NES around my friends house and i was fascinated by the little plumber on the screen who seemed to hate walking mushrooms as much as i did!!

From then on after getting my snes i there wasn't a minute of the day i didn't sit in front of the TV playing it ( i also blame it for my lazy brain before junior school). The strange thing is my parents bought me games now and again it was a huge treat for me and i only got around 2 a year compared to the 2 a month on average i buy now lol, but games like twinbee and Zombies ate my neighbours which instantly became my favourite game and to this day i still hook up my snes just to play it.

It featured really nice graphics and at the same time had puzzle elements while also adding in humour in one word the game was 'genious' and im planning on making a flash version as a tribute to it but here's a video someone has made (sorry that is a really annoying guy doing it but to be fair what he says is pretty much what i though about the water pistol and them standing there in a zombie invasion lol still its just adds to the beauty of the game).

following this game another game which was one of the last games i purchased on snes was 'Star Fox' and this was a huge step up for gamers everywhere at least Nintendo fans as it featured the first 3d dimensional graphics in which was still uncommon on any of the other consoles making it a extremely attractive game and fair to say it sold really well because of it.

The other game i admired in the mid 90's was 'shinobi' on 'Game Gear' which was a fantastic handheld years ahead of any other handheld and im sure if it didn't eat 6 battery's in half an hour it would have dominated Game Boy in the market. But as i was saying Shinobi is a great side scrolling beat em up style game which visually looked stunning and the game play was great to and it was just great as a 2d game and predictably flopped when back in 2002 they gave it the 3d treatment and it pretty much ruined it for me (curse you segaaaaaa *shakes fist*).

oooooo a big step up in my life as a gamer the day i got my PlayStation! my first real taste of a virtual 3d world when i played tomb raider and loved every minute of it however strangely enough there was not many 3d games i favoured on the console in fact although i had over 150 games i only really ever liked 2 of them! One of them was quite well known and it was the sequel to Broken Sword such a great game for narrative and story it was spectacular and sparked a love for adventure and point and click games.

The other game 'Tombi/Tomba(US)' was released in 1997 and was relatively unknown in the UK as it wasn't to well received at the time of its release however deservedly reviews were great for it and i couldn't agree more it so pleasing to the eye visually and has a fantastic storyline about evil pigs ruling the earth its just fantastic unfortunatly my copy of the game broke and now it has reached cult status and is on 'the list of the best games ever' its incredibly rare to buy and costs more than its original retail price on eBay so when i have £45 spare ill buy it again lol (it only cost me £30 at the time i got it) i well recommend you check it out and if your one of these illegal game stealer's you'll have a hard time getting the Rom for this one but there are few out there...

I think games like 'Tombi' created my early personality of randomness. It wasn't fully utilized until i played Conkers: Bad Fur Day which is and i cannot stress this enough my most favourite game its so clever and a great looking game but more than that it was so different, Also the Monkey Island series on PC and finally on PS2 which was once again one of very few games i enjoyed playing on the Sony branded consoles.

The only other game i loved playing on the Ps2 was probably the last game i purchased for it and that was Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King. One of the best button bashing titles i have ever played in my life its just so much fun its not really anything special graphically but the game play is superb other than this though and possibly Need For Speed.

No other games on the PS2 or even the Xbox i feel are worth a mention except one on the Xbox and I'm sure many people will agree with me on this when i say this one word 'FABLE' if you expected me to say Halo then your mistaken big time i never really cared for halo until number two and in my eyes i still don't see it as being worthy of a mention. Fable was such a amazing game in every aspect and i eagerly await Fable 2.

moving down the line to the next gen's... i remember arriving at Asda at 7 in the morning on the day before the release of the Xbox 360 i walked in and got a jaw to floor responce from the staff when they found out i was waiting for the 360 midnight release so there i sat for just 15 minutes before i was joined by more people and i spent the whole day there and when midnight came ahhh a sense of accomplishment :).

With this new amazing console i played on my first next gen game and didn't put it down the game was 'Perfect Dark Zero' not the best game in the world but it had a great online setup and the game play was pretty good. The amount of 360 games from here on that i loved are endless so many titles and I'm not going to bored with them all there is one other that does deserve a mention and that's 'Halo 3' which is such a great game and once again not the best looking but in game play and story its first class and the online community is huge.

Right well i must be boring you because I'm even boring myself lol so laters...

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